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Communications & Networking

When considering storage solutions for data-critical enterprise networking systems, reliability and TCO (total cost of ownership) are important factors. Greenliant's solid state products are both durable and energy efficient, and provide added data protection features.

Benefits of our technology for communications and networking applications:

  • High-performance data throughput
  • Advanced wear leveling for maximum endurance
  • Superior data integrity
  • Active data retention tool
  • Low power operation
  • Common footprint and package for product longevity
  • Extended product lifetime reduces requalification
  • Industry-standard interface; no proprietary drivers

Communications & Networking

Applications include:

  • Backhaul wireless link
  • Base station
  • Billing and records storage
  • Network firewall
  • Router / Switch
  • Server
  • VoIP gateway / PBX
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