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NAND Controllers

Derived from more than 30 years of NAND flash memory controller design expertise, Greenliant NAND controllers are the foundation for NANDrive™, ArmourDrive™ and Industrial Enterprise solid state drives (SSDs).

Greenliant NAND flash memory controllers use advanced NAND management technology, which provides high reliability, increased data integrity, power interrupt data protection and optimized SSD endurance.

Embedded reconfigurable firmware enables easy field updates of device functionality and compatibility with the latest operating systems and processors. Further flexibility is achieved by the controllers’ advanced architecture and intelligent Error Checking and Correction (ECC) engine, which can effectively support both legacy planar NAND and the newest 3D NAND flash. With their superior reliability and robust performance, Greenliant NAND controllers are designed to accommodate most stringent data storage requirements for long life applications.

NAND Controllers

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