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IBIS Models

Below are IBIS Models for our Specialty Flash Memory products, listed in order by the Greenliant part number.

IBIS Models for NANDrive (GLS85) and NAND Controller (GLS55) products are available in the Greenliant Member Area. To request IBIS Models for other Greenliant devices, please contact Sales / Tech Support.

Greenliant Part Number Package Download
GLS29EE010-xxx-xx-NHE 32 PLCC
GLS29EE020-xxx-xx-NHE 32 PLCC
GLS34HF1621-70-4E-LFP 56 TFBGA
GLS34WA328x-xx-xx-MVNE 56-ball VFBGA
GLS34WA32Ax-xx-xx-MVNE 56-ball VFBGA
GLS36VF320x-xxx-xx-B3KE 48 BGA
GLS36VF320x-xxx-xx-EKE 48 TSOP
GLS37VF040-xx-xx-NHE 32 PLCC 37vf040.ibs
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