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Greenliant Quality Policy
“Greenliant commits to meet or exceed our customer’s quality expectations through continual improvement of our product development and manufacturing partners’ process enhancements.”

Corporate Social Responsibility
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Counterfeit Parts Policy

For additional Quality & Reliability documents, please contact your local sales representative or distributor.

Long-Term Availability (LTA) Program

Greenliant is dedicated to offering high-quality solid state storage products for demanding applications in embedded systems. The Long-Term Availability (LTA) program reinforces this commitment to our customers by providing extended support for long-life applications in automotive, transportation, industrial, medical, security and networking.

Greenliant’s LTA program offers a stable portfolio of high endurance solid state drives (SSDs) using internally-developed NAND controllers. A range of 1-bit-per-cell (SLC) NANDrive™, ArmourDrive™ and high-capacity industrial SSDs will be available for up to 10 years to address long lifecycles.*

Greenliant will keep the same ball print within each interface family to ensure pin-to-pin compatibility between current and future SLC and EnduroSLC™ NANDrive ball grid array (BGA) products. In case of hardware or firmware changes for SLC and EnduroSLC NANDrive, ArmourDrive and high-capacity industrial SSDs, Greenliant ensures backward compatibility support and compliance with the JEDEC product change notification (PCN) policy.

Please contact your regional Greenliant business manager for more information on which part numbers are included in the program. For product samples and ordering information, contact a Greenliant authorized sales channel.

* Not all products are included in the LTA program. Some device parameters, settings, performance and corresponding ordering part numbers may vary for different product revisions. Users may need to qualify backward compatible products after hardware and firmware changes. Terms and conditions of the LTA program are subject to change without notice.

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